NEW YEAR’S EVE ORGY IN CHICAGO: “Terrible example for the rising generation”; “fat porkers”

Apparently on New Year’s Eve a good time was had by all, the Chicago Daily Tribune reports. All, that is, except for “the army of churchmen and citizens” who in the hours leading up to the festivities protested “against the ‘wide open’ town for New Year’s eve,” and then “spent the night and early hours of New Year’s morning viewing the orgy and its results.”  a few highlights:

The consensus of opinion was that mature Chicago had set a terrible example for the rising generation.  * * *

“The police and the city administration accomplished what they set out to do,” said Arthur Burrage Farwell.  . . . “For one night they ‘farmed out’ the whole of Chicago to the most vicious element of the city.  For one night they allowed vice to have its ‘fling.’  . . . Perhaps a thousand young girls took their first step toward evil.  . . . Never in the history of this city has there been such a spontaneous outpouring of the vilest dregs of the city . . . .  I saw them on the streets of the loop taking liberties with young girls, which, had they been taken on any other occasion, would have landed them in jail in a minute.”  * * *

[According to “a report to be sent today to the clergymen of Chicago” by the Anti-Saloon League]:  “The women revelers in the Congress hotel, promenading up and down Peacock alley, attired in their expensive, abbreviated gowns, which left bare their shoulders and the upper portions of their bodies, reminded one of the glistening rows of dressed fat porkers awaiting shipment on the farm in boyhood days.”

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