May today’s New York Times story on the tragic end of retired banker Henry C. Edey serve as lesson for all wealthy husbands:  when your wife seeks out a riding instructor, make sure she does not find the riding instructor to be overly appealing.  Usually such situations end, at worst, in infidelity and divorce; here, it ended much worse.

Apparently, after the riding instructor, Gardner Murdock, became “friendly” with Mrs. Edey, he encouraged Mr. Edey to become “friendly” with his own young wife, and a wife-swapping arrangement ensued for a period, one which caused many a tongue to wag.  It appears this may have been a setup from the start.  Even though the Edeys had long since reconciled and Mr. Edey’s relationship with the riding instructor’s wife was in the past, recently the riding instructor brought a $50,000 suit against Mr. Edey, claiming alienation of affections.  Mr. Edey’s response was to kill his wife and himself.  More proof that we cannot count a man happy until his end is known.  One can only hope that Mr. Murdock’s apparent tendency to misbehave will never again lead to the loss of human life.

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