IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION: College gym teacher fired; “too attractive to the young men”


From this article in the Cornell Daily Sun, it appears that young men at Bethany College (the oldest private college in West Virginia) were very eager to enroll in classes with physical culture instructor Helene Kesterling, and after enrolling did their best to get to know her (in every sense possible, it would seem).


After the college president, T. E. Cramblet, dismissed Miss Kesterling because she was simply too distracting to the young men, initially she expressed puzzlement: “I had no idea the Trustees objected to the boys talking with me and I can certainly see no great wrong in it.”  On reflection, however, she concluded:  “I do believe the boys paid too much attention to me for my own good.”  And there may be more to the story, as the Cortland Story reports that five boys were dismissed along with Miss Kesterling.  One wonders whether the school yearbook will include any reference to the interaction  between the celebrated Miss Kesterling and the boys.

Surely as our society evolves, the practice of firing women simply because they are irresistibly attractive to men who find it difficult to behave themselves will come to an end.

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