MEET THE WHITINGS: Cursed by accidents on, or traveling to, trains?

The Los Angeles Times has this report on George Whiting, a Stanford student who caused a serious wreck while racing in his automobile to catch a train to return to Stanford.  Even though a girl in the other vehicle was injured in the accident, he immediately left the scene, caught a ride with a spectator, and made his train.  With the frequency of crashes now occurring between automobiles, perhaps there ought to be a law against hitting another vehicle and then running off.

The article mentions that young Whiting is “the foster son of Gregory Perkins, Jr., wealthy real estate man,” but might also have mentioned that he is the son of the late, great, and always flamboyant real estate man Dwight Whiting.  This is one of the last photographs of him (smoking a cigar in the back seat):


The article might also have mentioned that his mother is the equally strong-willed former Emily Keating (daughter of the judge), who persuaded Dwight to mostly abandon the “green acres” of rural life because the city is where she’d rather stay.  As it turned out, the resulting frequent travel between their two homes led to Dwight’s death in 1907, when he was fatally injured in train accident on the very rail line he had been instrumental in bringing into existence.

One certainly wishes young Whiting safer travels, and wishes for his mother Emily a long and successful marriage.

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