INFLATED EGOS: Harvard to force Harvard students to study history of Harvard?


If George Norton Phillips, a senior at Harvard College and the president of The Harvard Crimson, has his way, Harvard students will soon be learning much more about that most vital of subjects:  Harvard.  The importance of Harvard’s history, and the need to remedy students’  “pitiful ignorance of” it by mandating its study, is the subject of today’s editorial.

Although some may question the particular subject Mr. Phillips urges be studied, this author will be the last to deny the value of studying history to “give a better understanding of the present as the embodiment of the past.”  And it appears Mr. Phillips is moved here not so much by his attachment to Harvard as by his appreciation of institutional history generally.  Five years ago, while a student at the Hotchkiss School, he wrote a history-focused booklet entitled Suggestions to Hotchkiss Boys which one might imagine will still be read a century hence.

Although apparently Mr. Phillips will be moving on to the Law School in a few months, one hopes he will continue to pursue his passion for history in the years ahead, and will live long and proper.

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