WAR ON WOMEN?: Top federal education official wants women to study “infantology” in college


Reports the Washington Post in a headline summing up in four words the speech yesterday by the U.S. Commissioner of Education, Philander P. Claxton, to the College Women’s Club of Washington, D.C.:  “More Babies, Less Latin.”  Read the whole thing.

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UPDATE:  A reader points out that the Commissioner earned degrees from the University of Tennessee and served as a professor there, founding its Education Department. One wonders whether, with  this speech, he has begun a tradition of professors at U. Tenn. taking  controversial stances.  One looks forward to the day when  Commissioner Claxton’s speech to the college women can be read amongst his papers at U. Tenn, and a suitable memorial for him is created at the school.

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5 Responses to WAR ON WOMEN?: Top federal education official wants women to study “infantology” in college

  1. Robbins Mitchell says:

    “O tempora,o mores”

    ~Marcus Tullus Cicero~

  2. Reilly says:

    This might benefit all higher education students in terms of relating to faculty & administration.

  3. forrest says:

    So is the introduction course “Social Aspects of the Frat Party” going to be a requirement to be taken nine months earlier?

  4. These days a lot of the homeschoolers teach their kids Latin: so now it’s a both-and deal: more babies and more Latin!

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