“SEGREGATION NOW!,” says Negro community, opposed to mixing of black and white children in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Times reports on the effort of Negro leaders in the city to amend the city charter to provide “that there shall be no mixing of the races in the public schools except on order of the board [of education], which order may result from the request of the parent or guardian of the child, and then only where it is impracticable by reason of distance for the child to attend a school of pupils of his own color.” 

The effort is being led “by George W. Sims, a negro business man . . . who is said to be backed by a large element of the race in Los Angeles, especially the younger members.”

At the present time the white and black children are mixed promiscuously.  Sims and his followers think much better results may be obtained by setting aside separate schools in districts heavily populated by negroes.  He wants them to receive instruction from teachers of their own race who understand their requirements better, perhaps, than a white teacher can.

. . . Sims says he has already had the matter up with the Board of Education, which has pronounced it practicable.

* * *

In suggesting these amendments Sims says, “I do so because I think it best for the negro race, and I have the backing of thousands of citizens of Los Angeles, both colored and white.

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