FOR WANT OF A UNION LABEL THE HORSE WAS LOST: “I loved my horse as one of the family.”


The “Progressives,” being morally superior to the mass of humanity, care deeply about the welfare of animals.  They also care deeply about the welfare of white union men who feel it necessary to use economic coercion to force consumers to pay more for their work, while depriving Negroes and other minorities of employment opportunities.

So to the “Progressive” way of thinking, who must lose when the welfare of animals comes in conflict with the welfare of white union men?

Hint:  those with more legs lose.

The Chicago Daily Tribune reports on delivery man F. J. Barrett, whose horse pulled a shoe in downtown Chicago on December 10. The horse stepped back on the nails protruding from the shoe, driving them into the fleshy part of his foot.  Even though the horse was bleeding and in great pain,

the blacksmiths refused to give my horse any attention as soon as they saw that I had been going to a nonunion shop.

Blood poisoning set in and ten days after I was compelled to shoot the animal.  I loved my horse as one of the family.

I asked my blacksmith why he didn’t join the union.  He told me that to get the union stamp would cost him $200 and like myself with a large family, he could not afford to pay for the privilege of the union.

To advance their “Progressive” agenda, the union men found it necessary to refuse to help an animal in pain, even though the owner was ready and willing to pay for their work.  Apparently, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Still, like anyone, whatever these union men did, however terrible, however hurtful, it all made sense in their heads.  You never meet anybody who thinks they’re a bad person.

By contrast, even after losing his own horse, Mr. Barrett showed his concern for the welfare of animals by working to reduce the chance that horses will be injured and ever need the help of union blacksmiths.  As the Tribune article notes, along with a letter to Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty society, describing what happened to his horse, Mr. Barrett (apparently with help from philanthropist Mrs. Ira M. Cobe) delivered $1,000 “for the purchase of overshoes for horses to be used in slippery weather . . . .”

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