BLAME IT ON THE MOVING PICTURES: Crime spree by gang of four pre-teen girls


If four apparently impressionable girls in Colorado are to be believed, the “moving picture” craze may present some serious challenges to social order, offsetting some of its pluses, earlier discussed, such as preserving for future generations a record of today’s great men, and eventually making college professors obsoleteThe Chicago Daily Tribune reports that when the four girls, ages 8 to 10, were caught after a two-month robbery spree netting $1,000, their leader

said she got her idea of robbing houses from moving picture shows.  She declared her “gang” would attend the shows whose picture of robberies were being displayed and would study the methods.

The judge on their case apparently agreed that the moving pictures are the real evil here, considering that these are good girls from “fairly well to do” families, who attend Sunday school regularly:

It is another case of the depraving influence which motion pictures or any suggestive action of such a nature can have upon the childish mind.

Given the concerns recently expressed by Eleanor Wilson about sexually suggestive dancing, and now this evidence of the depraving influence of moving  pictures, Miss Wilson must surely hope that these two baleful influences will never be combined into a moving picture about sexually suggestive dancing.

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