INSANE: “Big Tim” Sullivan, who stripped law-abiding citizens of guns, is committed to asylum


As noted last week, two of the five appellate judges who ruled on the constitutionality of the Sullivan Act, pushed through by Tammany Hall to help  gangsters maintain their ability to victimize ordinary citizens, thought it was insane for the Legislature to make it illegal for law-abiding citizens to possess guns in their own homes.

The lead sponsor of that legislation was ethnically challenged Tammany Hall  politician Timothy D. Sullivan, aka “Big Tim,” aka “Dry Dollar,” aka “Big Feller.”  Fittingly, a judge has officially ruled Sullivan insane, ordering him committed to a sanatorium, aka “insane asylum,” aka “loony bin,” aka “nut house.”  Formerly committed to gun control, now just committed. Still, like anyone, whatever he did, however terrible, however hurtful, it all made sense in his head.   You never meet anybody who thinks they’re a bad person.

The New York bureau of the Los Angeles Times has the exclusive.  It notes, with a bit of indirection (presumably to avoid a libel suit for writing that Sullivan has a “loathsome disease“), that Sullivan was found to be suffering from the same form of dementia that killed actors Maurice Barrymore and John McCullough.  That would be syphilis — aka “the pox,” aka “great scabies,” aka “morbo mostruoso” — from which Sullivan was suffering when he wrote the Sullivan Act.

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