NOT HOT TO “TROT”: Daughter of President-elect Wilson has dirty dancing banned at her school


The “Progressive” Movement is composed of morally superior humans who are eager to instruct the rest of us regarding how to live.   Even though the inauguration of Woodrow Wilson is still nearly two months away, his daughter Eleanor declined to wait to begin the instruction.

Trading on her familial connection, Miss Wilson has managed to ban dirty dancing at the school she attends.  Now banned are all but “sedate” dances, such as the waltz and the two-step.  No longer will students be allowed to perform any of the fun, albeit sexually suggestive,  “animal” dances which are currently the craze, such as the “Turkey Trot” and the “Bunny Hug.”  The Washington Post  has the details.

Thanks to this timely intervention by Miss Wilson and the example she has set for all time, at least the parents of America will never again need to worry about their children engaging in such inappropriate activity at school.

UPDATE:  Once she reads the story of the Colorado girls who turned to a life of crime under the depraving influence of moving pictures, it is not difficult to imagine ELEANOR WILSON’S NIGHTMARE.

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4 Responses to NOT HOT TO “TROT”: Daughter of President-elect Wilson has dirty dancing banned at her school

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