A Swiss woman widowed at age 24, who apparently had a very good husband, “toiled for half a century” working “as a household servant or in the fields,” and was ridiculed in her village as a miser, until recently “[t]he object of her self-denial was revealed,” the New York Times reports. As a memorial to her husband, he had spent her life savings on a $4,100 clock placed in the steeple of the church. All the village officials took part in the installation ceremony.

A San Francisco woman who apparently feels she has a bad husband recently came up with an equally memorable way of expressing her feelings, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.  Dining with her husband and friends at a seaside hotel, Mrs. Charles J. Jepson became angry and

declared: “I will have nothing that belongs to you,” stripped her fingers of three diamond rings and her throat of a gem-set brooch and threw them into the sea.  The diamonds are valued at $1600, and Jepson rushed out immediately and hired divers in an effort to recover them, but the quest has been unsuccessful.  . . .  Jepson said it was not so much about the value of the jewels as the associations connected with them that induced him to engage divers to hunt for them. Mrs. Jepson made no effort to help him, but declared on the contrary that she sincerely hoped he never would find them.

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