NO MORE SCHOOL LUNCHES: New York reformers say if city doesn’t take over program, they’ll let children starve


Writes the lead reformer, Mabel Hyde Kittredge, who started the New York Committee on School Lunches, a private group of reformers which launched an experimental school lunch program five years ago, after the city refused to involve itself with how parents feed their children.  The reformers have been selling three-cent hot lunches to about 10% of the students at seven schools.

Kittredge declares that the program has been a great success.  It is such a success, she says, that it needs to be ended because it is not fair that some students (those at these seven schools) have the ability to purchase hot lunches — either all students at all 80 schools must have this opportunity, through a program run by the city, or none should have it:

The Committee on School Lunches cannot supply eighty public schools with lunches. . . . [T]o give to seven groups of children what eight schools want is manifestly unfair.  . . . So a crisis has come in the fate of the school children’s lunches; either the city must “take them over” and extend them to the boundaries of their need or they must simply cease altogether.

If Kittredge and her fellow shoot-the-hostages “reformers” have their way, one imagines, eventually the government will take charge of feeding children not just lunch, but also breakfast and dinner; feeding children over weekends; and even feeding children over the summer, thus relieving parents of the irksome responsibility that all known mammalian species have somehow managed to carry out for millions of years:  feeding their young.

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