TURMOIL OVER DANCING: “freak dances,” bare bosoms, time runs backwards — and what about the Inaugural Ball?

The Sunday papers are chock-full of stories about dancing, especially dirty dancing.  One suspects that in time, Eleanor Wilson’s Nightmare may become a reality.

No “freak dances” allowed at the “J Hop,” the premiere social event of the year at the University of Michigan, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Women of older generations who have successfully urged young women to abandon the wearing of corsets (largely as a health threat) are now aghast at the scene of corset-less dancing of the Turkey Trot and the Bunny Hug, and “the various ‘dips’ and ‘glides'” they involve.  “One fair young creature in Washington discovered that by discarding the corset she became, without the slightest effort, the belle of the ball,” the  San Francisco Chronicle reports. One can only imagine. One wonders whether going sans corset was how Miss Kesterling became the belle of the evening.

Recently Eleanor Wilson, the daughter of the president-elected, used her familial connection to get dirty dancing banned at her school. President Taft’s daughter Helen has managed to top that.  2 Kings 20:8-10 tells us that as a sign to Hezekiah, God caused time to run backwards, at least in his immediate vicinity. Helen recently did the same in the White House, faced with a midnight cutoff for a dance she was hosting, the Washington Post reports.

And what of the upcoming Inaugural Ball?  Especially with Eleanor Wilson’s recent insistence that only “sedate” dances be allowed at her school, will that rule apply at the Inaugural Ball?  According to the Atlanta Constitution, Mrs. Wilson’s answer is “no,” but the answer of the committee putting together the festivities is “yes.” Time will tell.

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2 Responses to TURMOIL OVER DANCING: “freak dances,” bare bosoms, time runs backwards — and what about the Inaugural Ball?

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