CHILL: The Value of Icebergs


The New Zealand Colonist supplies some perspective on the heated alarm recently sounded concerning “[t]he number of lives which have been lost during the present year through collisions with icebergs” (most notably, of course, with the Titanic). It addresses “The Value of Icebergs,” for example, the boon to fishing brought by how icebergs cause erosion:

Travellers may regard the iceberg with terror, but to the fishermen of Newfoundland and the North Atlantic States they are a blessing.  It will be an unlucky day for these fishermen when Nature changes her tactics, and swings the bergs upon another course away from the Grand Banks, as then the fishing industry will disappear. It is the debris borne by the bergs upon the bed of the Atlantic at this point which makes it an excellent breeding ground for the cod, herring, and other marketable fish. The detritus contains an essential nutrient for these edible denizens of the deep.

Always look on the bright side of life.

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