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Recently China is having difficulty paying its debts, to the point that Russia is now threatening to foreclose on China and seize part of Manchuria. But China is having less difficulty coming up with solutions for problems other societies find intractable. Reported, in all places, in today’s New Zealand papers:

A New Zealand newspaper  reports:  “The Governor of Changsha has ordered that a woman who persisted in smoking opium be shot in the presence of a large crowd.”

And the Ashburton Guardian (South Island) reports on an ingenious Chinese cure for leprosy.  Apparently the lepers of Nanning had been in hiding, “a good many miles outside the city.”  The authorities, seeking a final solution to the problems posted by these undesirables, “pretended to accept the Catholic Fathers’ offer to build a lazar house for destitute lepers.” Once the Catholics were finished and invited the lepers to their new home, the authorities sprung their trap:

They dug a pit in the parade ground, partly filling it with wood soaked with kerosene.  They drove to the pit at bayonet point thirty-nine lepers, who were shot and incinerated in the presence of large crowds.  A fortieth afterwards was shot.

One wonders whether there is anyone in Europe who might be agreeable to such an approach.

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3 Responses to CHINESE CURE FOR DRUG ADDICTION — Also, for leprosy

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