Out of Invercargill, New Zealand, comes the odd tale of Archibald Derbie, who “was charged with sending an indecent publication through the Post Office”:

Derbie wrote a letter under an assumed name to a girl with whom he was casually acquainted, making a certain proposal to her. She showed the letter to her mother, who took it to a detective. A reply dictated by the detective was sent, arranging a meeting, and Derbie fell into the trap, meeting the girl at night, when her mother and the detective were in concealment near at hand. They listened to the conversation and and eventually the detective arrested the defendant. The Magistrate said that women must be protected from such conduct, and sentenced Derbie to a month’s imprisonment.

Derbie’s occupation?  Postman.

One can scarcely imagine the threat to women if it someday it becomes possible for perverts to send indecent messages not just through the mail, but through wireless transmission or  some other currently unknown technology (probably invented by a Harvard man).

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