MORE MIRACLES?: Dr. Alexis Carrel Expects to Reproduce Human Life Artificially


Writes the Los Angeles Times regarding Dr. Alexis Carrel of the Rockefeller Institute, who as readers will recall was a witness to miracle cures at Lourdes and lately says he has developed a “magic healer” that might heal broken bones in four days. In his latest miracle, he removed the guts of a cat and kept them alive and working (digesting food) for thirteen hours. Also, he is experimenting with removing, preserving for a time, and then transplanting human tissue.

One has a nagging feeling that one has seen something like this somewhere before, perhaps in fantastical literature. Is it far-fetched to imagine that Dr. Carrel’s experiments might provide the inspiration for one of those newfangled talking moving pictures?


UPDATE (January 19): The Detroit Free Press has this article by British professor E. A. Schafer on his belief that through the application of advanced chemistry techniques, man will create life.

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