THE SIMPLE LIFE: “When the farmer raised all his own food and the farmer’s wife cooked it all.”


SimpleLife (1)

Dr. Max G. Schlapp, one of the many morally superior progressive experts who know best how to structure society, recently spoke at a convention of day nursery managers about the virtues of “the simple life.”

Dr. Schlapp, one may recall, won widespread notoriety two years ago in warning that energetic, enterprising women brought the fall of Rome, and threaten our civilization with a similar fate.

Last year, seeking to implement the views of eugenicists like Dr. Charles B. Davenport of the Carnagie Institution, Dr. Schlapp urged that government incarcerate “defective children,” a measure he estimates will reduce crime by 40 percent. No word on whether Dr. Sclapp favors for these unfortunates the radical measures recently adopted by the Chinese, who have found an effective remedy for both drug addiction and leprosy.

Dr. Schlapp urges:  “Any girl who has a good home in the country should be compelled to stay there. It is positively criminal to bring girls to the city.”  He elaborated:

I’m not blaming the women. It’s this cursed industrialism that’s the trouble. It has us all on its tide, and it is sweeping the race to destruction. Our birth rate is decreasing. Our crime and insanity are increasing. That is just what happened to ancient Greece and Rome and Egypt; what has happened to modern France, and has begun for us.

If we could only go back to the simple life — the days when the farmer raised all his own food and the farmer’s wife cooked it all . . . .  Then our women were happy and their children were strong.

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