BAD NEWS FOR GENTLEMEN: Blonds Can’t Live in City

Reports the Washington Post, being that blonds “are the children of the vikings of old . . . descendants of those who lived and struggled in the open air and the winds of the northern seas,” who are “psysiologically and tempermentally unfitted to live in heated rooms, crowded spaces or to do work where brain and brawn are secondary to mere automatic tasks.”

This race needs the open air, the freedom of action handed down by ancestors, the northern air and stimulating winds.  . . . The blond girl who is working in crowded shops or factories reaches, at an early stage, a state of nervousness, or discontent, of a really dangerous condition as regards her morals. Her whole inborn nature rebels, is dissatisfied; she unconsciously craves the freedom of her ancestors. . . . [T]he instincts to be free in air and acts, to have good food and plenty of it, are so fixed in the blond type that, fight as she will, the girl leaves the home, the shop, the factory life for a life that gives her these things.  . . . If a girl is . . . blonde and becomes nervous, dissatisfied with her work and finally ill . . . take her away at once — don’t wait until she runs away — the true viking’s instinct [is] for freedom, and you will generally find that all the matter with her is her line of work. Such a girl needs work amid congenial surroundings and among men and women of her own type of inheritance.

One hopes that as our society evolves, these tormented women of Viking ancestry will find a place of refuge.



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