BEAUTIFUL FORGER: “It is their own fault; the silly men.”


The Washington Post reports on “the most beautiful woman ever brought to police headquarters” in Boston, arrested for forgery. She refused to identify herself because, she said, “her family is well known socially and financially in New York.”  “[B]y her conversation it is clearly evident that she has enjoyed the advantages of education, and has been accustomed to the luxuries of a cultured home.”

She said she yielded to the temptation to commit forgery, because it was so easy for a girl to induce bankers and merchants to cash her checks.

She said, “Why the bankers smiled at me, and cashed the checks almost without looking at them. They just gave what I asked for, and they asked me to come back again, saying they were pleased to serve me. It is their own fault; the silly men.”

From her account, it almost seems as if ogling beautiful women is a natural reflex for men. Is it possible that men lose their minds when speaking to a pretty woman, leaving them so cognitively impaired that they are unable to detect obvious forgeries — not just “silly,” but (temporarily) stupid?  If so, one suspects this will hardly be the last “beautiful forger.”

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