MYSTERIOUS PINK-PAJAMA GIRLS ROCK HARVARD: Junior Harvard Man Receives Odd Visitors, and a Suspension

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Only a week ago news broke of a mysterious girl who rocked the Northwestern University campus with her impromptu visits to various fraternities to chat with young men, smoke cigarettes, and play ragtime piano. Now, reportedly, Harvard has been rocked by the appearance of not one, not two, but three young women, all scantily clad in pink pajamas.


David W. Lewis, Jr., Class of 1914

As reported in the New-York Tribune, the victim of the pink-clad sirens was David W. Lewis, Jr., of Brooklyn, a Harvard junior.  Apparently Lewis had gotten permission to entertain a “relative” who happened to be female, in his rooms. Then, even more shockingly than recently occurred at Northwestern, matters took an odd turn:

The lone relative is said to have multiplied deliciously into two charming young women on the first afternoon and three the following day.

After remaining in David’s rooms for some time, the cute young women emerged attired in silken pajamas. They went through the mazes of a dance through the corridors and also strummed mightily on a piano in another room.  . . .

While these innocent pranks were being played report has it that several young men entered David’s rooms and possessed themselves of all the garments of the young entertainer’s guests.

It was several days later that Mr. Lewis received a letter from the dean suspending him for an indefinite period of time. He has been back home in Brooklyn for the past week. Apparently this incident will set him back at most a semester a Harvard.

Let Mr. Lewis’s unsettling experience serve as a warning to college men nationwide: when mysterious young women arrive at your doorstep wanting to visit, heed the wisdom of the Northwestern men and turn them away, or risk for yourselves the fate of the Harvard man who gave into temptation.

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