CALL IT A “BAR”?: New Kind of Club for Working Girls


The New York Times reports that an heiress, Miss Gardenia Winchester Winthrop, one of the many progressives who know best how others should live, will be devoting a sizable chunk of the legacy left by her grandmother to create a club in New York City that will enable “working girls” to “meet the right kind of young men.” She resolved on this course of action after she and a friend

spent most of the last five years investigating social conditions in the large cities of this country. They came to the conclusion that [New York City] was the greatest field for social work and that one of its greatest needs was a place where working girls without families could meet and entertain young men under the supervision of women who understand young people.

One suspects that, as apparently is the case with one of Mr. Rockefeller’s recent initiatives, there may be a divergence between what young working girls want to do and what Miss Winthrop thinks they should do. It would be helpful if someone could come up with a short slang term for a club at which a young working girl can meet the “right” young man.

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