FINAL DESTINATION: Is death stalking third courier of woman’s ashes?


The Los Angeles Times has the macabre story of the continuing journey of the ashes of Mrs. Charles H. Underwood to their final destination in Saco, Maine — a journey which so far has involved the death of the first two couriers (her husband and her brother-in-law).

Before her death in Portland, in 1906, her husband promised to take her remains to Saco.  Charles attempted to fulfill that promise in 1910, but became fatally ill.  Before he died, his brother Merwin promised to complete the task, and also take Charles’s remains to Saco.

Shortly after setting off on the promised journey, Merwin died, in Los Angeles.  Before Merwin died, his friend F. G. Noyes gave his word that he would complete Merwin’s task, and also take Merwin’s remains to Saco. The Times reports that Noyes is determined to keep that promise.  Carrying all three sets of ashes, he has started on his “strange mission” to Saco, Maine.  One hopes Death is not stalking Noyes to this final destination.

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