PEACE IN OUR TIME: It’s in sight, say billionaire Carnegie and former Harvard president Eliot

Andrew Carnegie

Charles W. Eliot

Two of our nation’s finest minds have confidently predicted that peace in our time is drawing near. They spoke last night to an audience of about 2,000 at a meeting of the New York Peace Society, primarily funded by billionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie.  The New York Times gave their upbeat report substantial coverage.

“Undismayed by recent wars, Mr. Carnegie asserted his conviction that the end of war was in sight,” and he “spoke with a deep feeling of disappointment about the failure” to date of Great Britain, France, the United States, and Germany to agree on a treaty, “saying that these four nations acting together could make war impossible.”

According to Charles W. Eliot, the former president of Harvard, “the domination of the seas by the navies of” these four countries, plus Japan, “would go far” toward eliminating war. Peace has been delayed in the Orient, he believes, because it is so backward — “the Orientals with the exception of the Japanese had not grasped the method of inductive philosophy which had been everything in the West in bringing about advancement of mankind, and also had not arrived at the idea of universal brotherhood.”

According to Dr. Eliot, “the doctrine of the open door” is what is “leading to universal peace.”  He ridiculed the “frequent panics” in America “caused by fear of what Japan was going to do” — his discussions with “prominent Japanese” have “shown the utter absurdity of war between Japan and the United States.” One is greatly relieved to learn from a Harvard man, so expert in this area, that it would be absurd to worry about war between Japan and the United States.

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