REBEL GIRL: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn is the real power behind the hotel strike


Counterbalancing the recent attention given Joseph (“Kill the Rich”) Ettor for his comments urging workers to make hotel food the “unsafest thing in the world,” the New York Times reports on the real power behind the planned strike of hotel workers.  She is Miss Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, the I.W.W. organizer immortalized in song by Joe Hill as “The Rebel Girl.”

Not Ettor, not Giovannitti, but this young woman of 25 years is the real leader of the present strike. Miss Flynn is the power behind the hotel workers.  Ettor and his associates of the I.W.W. merely furnish the lung power. It is largely she who is organizing the cooks, scullions, and waiters into an efficient fighting body, and she believes in the fullest publicity. While in the past the Press Committee and the officials of the union have been like clams and have shrouded their plans in mystery, she took it upon herself last night to give out for the first time a definite list of hotels and restaurants where, theoretically at least, the strike is on.

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